Health and Wellness/Physical Education

​Health and Wellness/Physical Education Our desire at Kathryn Senor Elementary is to provide an opportunity for our students to learn about health and wellness on a daily basis through a combined effort with our Physical Education (PE) class. In connection with our school garden and wellness team, the health and wellness class is hoping to provide students with “healthy application” to continue at home. This includes making healthy snacks, gardening, exercises and mindfulness.  The program will benefit our community by providing an opportunity for students to learn about health and wellness alongside physical education. We will will utilize a resource called, Focused Fitness ( It includes, WelNet Software, Focus Fitness Curriculum, and Fab 5 Character Education. The use of these resources complements the Colorado Academic Standards of health, wellness, and physical education. Included in health and wellness is a focus on emotional health. The Fab 5 component enables a connection between the counselor, classroom teachers, and PE teachers to teach their students social and emotional concepts creatively and effectively. The lessons are very engaging and will keep students moving while mastering the knowledge and skills needed socially and emotionally.