ELA - English Language Arts

English/Language Arts (ELA)

Kinder-2nd Grade

The ELA program in the primary grades is called Superkids. The reading materials feature cartoon characters that are kids in order to connect with the young readers. Superkids materials teach all areas of literacy: reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and handwriting. This program uses a text approach built on systematic phonics.  The materials combine rigor with fun. The Superkids in these teaching materials each have their own personality and hobbies they pursue that keeps elementary students interested and wanting to find out more about each character. While having fun learning about the Superkids, students are learning to read. Click here for Research and the Superkids


3rd-5th Grade

Our new ELA program in 3rd-5th grade is ReadyGen. ReadyGen is a comprehensive core English language arts curriculum for Grades 3rd-5th built specifically for the Common Core Standards. The program uses deliberately organized text sets and routine-based instruction.  The goal of ReadyGen is to build strong readers and writers through a lesson structure that develops an understanding of big ideas in social studies and science concepts through conceptually coherent text sets. Text sets are a collection of texts deliberately organized around these topics.  At the core of ReadyGen is reciprocity between reading and writing to promote student thinking and understanding through citation of text-based evidence. Students write every day, and instruction is closely linked to reading, using the text as the model. Students will demonstrate their learning through performance tasks that integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening. The instruction in ReadyGen is carefully designed to develop an instructional path so that students are successful with these performance assessments.